Artiste Titre Label Catalogue #
Unknown? Unknown Soul 2 Soul
Theo Parrish I Can Take It Sound Signature SS010
Hyperactive Muzik Make You Lose Control Sounds sounds. 013
Keith Maniac Da Brick Sounds SO 18
Keith Maniac Da Brick Rmxs Sounds SO 22
Keith Maniac, Wamdue Prod Exorcism Sounds SO 23
Skull vs ESP The Power Hour Sounds SOUNDS 009
Air Premieres Symptomes Source 724389428766
007 Crew Bad Boy Southside
Gaetano Parisio Chapter 3 Southsoul SUD 003
V/A Anti-Static EP Spelunk spr-002
Assorted Krakheads Built on the Foundations of Corruption Sprungcartellwachs SPRUNG 004
Sons of Slough Live EP Sprungcartellwachs SPRUNG 005
Fuze Total Science Stage One
Harry the Bastard Club H vol. 2 Statra STA1-32008
Engine - 0 Ncounter Steel City scr101
Olex Doubledouble Steel City scr102
Dima Fuckeristic EP Step 2 House S2H 0065
Afrodesiac vs. Stickmen Baddest Little Boogie Stickman STIK 036
DJZKY & Daniel P Didn't You Know Stickman STIK 022
Funk 198 Caged Stickman STIK 054
Hidden Masters Booty Funk Stickman STIK 048
Hollis P Munroe We'll Be Together Stickman STIK 071