Artiste Titre Label Catalogue #
V/A Stair. to HPhones/BBall Rmxs Communique/Head in the Clouds C 026
Goto & Kikuchi Mato Complete
Richie Hawtin Concept 11 Concept Concept 96:11
Richie Hawtin Concept 9 Concept Concept 96:09
Thomas Brinkmann Concept 1 Variations Concept Concept 96:VR
Hard Hop Heathen (Omar Santana) Beat Bastik Concrete HARD 7 12
Hyperactive SOS Remixes Contact CON 1009
Angel Alanis Subconscious State of Techno Contaminated CTM9820-1
DJ Rush Club Tracks Cosmic COS 014
David Spans 3D Bingo Country Western CW006
Ambrose Cat Groove EP Crayon CRYN 001
Calibre Musique Concrete Creative Source CRSE002LP
Victoria Miles Just The Way It Is (Omar Santana mix) Critique 1624
NH2 + Master D Deeper EP Crucial CRS 105
Buffalo Bunch & Crydamoure Titts Crydamoure CRYDA 006
Le Knight Club Boogie Shell Crydamoure CRYDA 005
Le Knight Club Intergalaktic Disko Crydamoure CRYDA 004
Le Knight Club Nymphae Song Crydamoure CRYDA 016
Curtis Mayfield Superfly Curtom CRS-8014-ST
V/A Cut Out EP Vol. 6 Cut Out DJT 06
Masters At Work the Ha Dance Cutting Records CR-246
Sam Mollison Cry Part 2 Cyber CR 030
Gemini Take Your Time Cyclo CYC 005